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The SEELEN Long Retractable Sootblowers are verry uniqe, as they are and improvement of the standard lamellar type sootblowers used in industry, they consist of the seal brush for excessive pressure wallbox (Pat.No. G 8308886.5) and the front roller bracket (Pat.No. G 8507967.7)

Disadventages of lamellar wall-boxes
  • Leakage of flue gas
  • High consumption of seal air
  • Di-hydro sulfite Korrosion on the blower lance
  • Mechanical damage to the lance due sticking of the lamellas
  • Noice increase due sticking of lamellas
  • The lance becomes blocked due to dirt in this surface
Additional Disadventages of the „Non-rotating Blower Lance Support“
  • Stiff movement of the lance due to jammed rollers
  • Damage to the lance surface
  • High maintenance costs
Adventage of the Seelen type wall-box with seal brush
  • No flue gas leakage
  • Non polluting
  • Low air consumption
  • Di-hydro sulfite corrosion free
  • Low noice level during the bowling process
  • Smooth movement of the lance

Additional advantage of the Seelen “Rottating Blower Lance Support“
  • Easy rotation and axial movement of the Lance
  • No sticking and damage of the lance due to jammed rollers
  • Maintenance free, thus cost effective

Modernize with “Seelen“ Long Retractable Sootblower

Version with lamellar seal and lance before modification
Version with sealbrush and rotating lance support after modification
Choose our environmentally friendly products, in particular the unique helical lance blower with its special brush seal and the rotating blower tube guide, and you will benefit from clear advantages.
j. Seelen GmbH

… in use worldwide …

J. Seelen GmbH